Samstag, 12. April 2014

Steam Trade Offer: SCAM alarm!

Today some guy tried to rip me off on STEAM.

He offered me 10,50€ for a weapon in Counterstrike:Global Offensive via a private trade offer. Strangely the weapon is "only" around 9,50€ worth.

I was a bit amazed but also seems suspect to me. So I've googled a bit - and it was not that easy to find something: SCAM Report

It was clear to me, somebody tries to rip me off right now. I've reported the trade offer and also (after a short chat) I reported the guy.

So, if you're getting trade offers with messages like that:

KODDig is offering you 10.50€ for your Counter Strike Global Offensive selected items, accept this trade to receive the money in your steam wallet.
STEAMGUARD © - After the trade is done you can't get your items back, all sales are final. (?)

Report the trade and the guy who's offering this and pay attention ;)

STEAM ID who've tried to SCAM:


I've you get that kind of trade offers, you could also write a comment with the STEAM ID of the guy ;)